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Circulation Pumps

Since they require less maintenance, Grundfos circulator pumps have the best efficiency in their class. They provide noise-free performance while consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional circulators. For your needs in heating, cooling, and hot water recirculation, you may discover the ideal circulator pump right here.

Submersible wastewater pumps

Grundfos submersible wastewater pumps are made as sealed units with an integrated motor and a pump that can work below the wastewater’s surface. Permanent installations of submersible wastewater pumps are ideal for the effective evacuation of wastewater from a property, including drainage from the garden, washing machines, sinks, and showers.

Submersible groundwater pumps

Grundfos submersible pumps provide excellent efficiency, strong resistance to sand and other abrasives, motor burnout protection, and simple maintenance. They also represent an advanced hydraulic design. Grundfos submersible pumps are perfect for uses like groundwater supply, irrigation, groundwater lowering, and pressure boosting because they are made completely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Immersible pumps

An immersible pump is one that can be submerged in the liquid being pumped. Usually, they are housed inside or installed on top of tanks or other containers. Immersible pumps are frequently employed in the machine tool industry in applications such as spark machine tools, grinding machines, machining centers, cooling units, or other industrial tanks or container-related applications.

Booster set

Grundfos provides booster sets for hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, irrigation systems, and other applications where a consistent pressure is required to satisfy changing water supply demand. Check out the variety of Grundfos booster sets available here.

Diaphragm pumps

You can rely on Grundfos diaphragm pumps to deliver the precision, toughness, and dependability you need for water and wastewater treatment, industrial processing, and many other applications. They are designed for mechanical or digital control.

Horizontal multistage pumps

In practically any industrial application where high head is required, such as pressure boosting and liquid transfer, horizontal multi-stage pumps with many impeller stages connected in series are ideal.

Encapsulated pumps

Encapsulated pumps are small, easy-to-install stainless steel pumps with motor units that are hermetically sealed and protected. They also require less maintenance and produce little noise. They are appropriate for many uses, including home water supply.

Endsuction long coupled single stage

End-suction long-coupled single-stage pumps are ideal for large-scale industrial applications. As with all end-suction pumps, the liquid runs directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet form a 90 angle to each other. The long-coupled design makes the pumps easy to service and maintain.

Endsuction close coupled single stage

End-suction close-coupled single-stage pumps are common in every industrial facility and water treatment plant in the world. Available in both a vertical and horizontal design, the end-suction close-coupled single-stage pumps are easy to install thanks to the compact size and the 90 angle from inlet to outlet.

Endsuction close coupled multistage

In an end-suction close-coupled multi-stage pump, the liquid runs directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet form a 90 angle to each other. The pumps typically produce high pressure relative to flow, making them ideal multi-purpose pumps for both industry and water boosting in general.

Endsuction machine tool pumps

End-suction machine tool pumps provide accuracy and stability to eliminate interference with delicate machining processes such as boring, spark erosion, turning, sawing, wire cutting and milling. Designed for circulating and recycling lubricating coolants, they are an optimal solution for all industrial processes involving machine tools.

Inline single stage pumps

In-line single-stage pumps are typically used in commercial buildings for air-conditioning and heating applications. The pumps are equipped with standard motors and mechanical shaft seals. They are close-coupled, meaning that the pump and motor are two separate units, making them less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid.

Inline multi stage pumps

In-line multi-stage pumps are used in installations in which a high head is needed. Several impeller stages are connected in series and the inlet and outlet are on the same level. In-line multi-stage pumps are used for water supply, water treatment and almost any industrial solution including those for aggressive liquids.

Horizontal multistage pumps

Horizontal multi-stage pumps with several impeller stages connected in series, are perfect for applications where high head is needed, such as pressure boosting and liquid transfer in almost any industrial application.

Lifting stations

Grundfos installation-ready lifting stations ensure efficient and reliable removal of wastewater from a building wastewater pumping station.

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