The most reliable copper pipe providers in the UAE are Royal Allied. Due to our consistent on-time delivery, we have established a solid reputation as the “top rated copper pipes supplier” throughout the UAE. leading companies Royal Allied has been approved as the Wednesbury UK distributor in the UAE by Wednesbury UK and conex.


Wednesbury UK

the company that makes Wednesbury Copper Tube in the UK. Copper tubes are used in many different industrial applications, including plumbing and heating. Mueller Industries Inc., Memphis, Tennessee-based Wednesbury Tube is a fully owned subsidiary of that company. It is based in Bilston, Great Britain.

Wednesbury Tube has recently undergone a significant capital investment program from Mueller Industries, modernizing its long-standing company with the most cutting-edge and effective production techniques. Wednesbury Tube is currently one of the most reliable and cost-effective copper tube producers in the world.

Leading Copper Pipes Suppliers in UAE

The top provider of copper pipes in the UAE is Royal Allied.

Young Fred Wallis joined the Birmingham-based small business Glynn Brothers, Builders and Plumbers Merchants in 1904.

Initially, Glynn Brothers served as a distributor of plumbing and engineering supplies, but in 1921, Mr. Wallis decided to focus more on production. He bought land in Wednesbury, built a lead pipe extrusion business there, as well as a storehouse to hold the significant amount of steel tube he was handling. Glynn Brothers and Wednesbury Tube together became the founding members of the Glynwed Group of enterprises. The business was known as “The Wednesbury Tube Company.”

On the existing site at Bilston, development started in the neighborhood in 1931. A foundry, casting facility, extrusion presses, and drawbenches were built on a 17-acre site near Bilston particularly for the production of copper tubes in the 1940s and 1950s. A flexible, thin-wall copper tube that is now known as European Standard BS EN1057 R250 “Black Label” was created in 1966 with help from Wednesbury Tube and became British Standard BS 2871 Part 1 Table X. The Leading Supplier of Copper Pipes in the UAE is Royal Allied General Trading.


Conex Bänninger is a specialized global supplier of premium fittings, valves, and accessories. Conex Bänninger’s inventive approach has produced some ground-breaking successes in product design since 1909. We are respected in the residential, commercial, industrial, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets for our product knowledge, proficiency, and quality standards.

Conex Bänninger, a maker of fittings and valves for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration, has a history dating back more than 100 years. The Conex Bänninger brand provides a broad and varied selection of goods and services, many of which are especially made for particular uses.

The company creates products that are adapted to shifting industry requirements while maintaining the unshakable reliability essential to the brand by fusing its extensive experience and tradition with forward-thinking innovation.

Conex Bänninger has become the industry leader it is today thanks to consistency in quality, professional skill in application, and adaptability to satisfy the various needs of the regions in which it operates.

Excellence is our objective, and it is a goal that is continuously evolving due to the rapid advancement of technology, the difficulties posed by outside factors, and the shifting needs of our clients.

However, it is something that has been a part of our heritage since the company’s early days, more than 110 years ago. We feel that we truly achieve excellence when we strive for those ever-higher degrees of distinction. The top provider of copper pipes in the UAE is Royal Allied.