The major and approved provider of ppr and pex pipes in the UAE is Royal Allied. We trade ppr and pex pipes all around the United Arab Emirates and have gained trust through timely deliveries. Numerous well-known companies from the UAE and around the world have received authorization to distribute their goods in the UAE.


PPR & PEX Pipes And Fittings In Dubai

We have carefully blended and formulated our own PP-R resins (polypropylene-random) which guarantee that we are only using the highest quality of PP-R granules in our piping systems. A random copolymer grade of PP-R was specially developed for engineering applications with certain stringent requirements.

The random combination of short and long hydrocarbon chains gives rigidity and flexibility resulting higher resistance to external damage for superior physical properties. Compression strength, elasticity, anti-corrosive and heat resistance properties are the factors which make it suitable for potable hot and cold water applications.

RAKtherm PPR systems are extensively used in food and medical industries owing to its harmless and safe properties. Proven to be non-toxic and stable chemically even at elevated temperatures.



In accordance with its areas of application, RAKtherm piping systems is designed for continuous temperatures of 0°C to 90°C, and short-term peak temperatures of up to 100°C with a service life of 50 years. Therefore, RAKtherm is the perfect solution for all types of chilled and heating water networks.

RAKtherm PPR pipes is also very light in weight which is a big advantage for installation and handling and its fusion welding guarantees perfect seal therefore prevents leakage. Chemical components of PPR plastic pipe materials prevent from any bacterial growth which makes RAKtherm highly hygienic and non-toxic.


We believe that health is wealth; we never compromise the safety of our products. At RAKtherm, we produce products that are safe and harmless both for human’s health and environment.

PP-R is a material with excellent chemical resistance which does not react to most chemicals, with non-corrosive properties, proven to be physiologically and microbiologically harmless making it suitable for hot and cold water applications. All materials used in piping systems are 100% recyclable which can be used again in other plastic products, no nickels and chrome which can be found in metal fittings.


Dacta Therm

The Dacta Therm high quality PPR Pipes and fittings are manufactured by Hepworth in the UAE and intended for the safe conveyance of hot and cold water, chilled water, air conditioning and heating.

Dacta Therm is manufactured from a polypropylene random copolymer, according to ISO 15874 and DIN 8077/8078 certifications. Its characteristics such as elasticity, tightness, compression strength, special resistance to high temperatures, make Dacta Therm one of the most technologically advanced systems available. Pipes are available in SDR 6, in both solid wall and Glass Fiber reinforced from 20mm to 160mm.

Dacta Therm – Brand of Hepworth

Hepworth PME LLC is the Middle East’s premier manufacturer and supplier of plastic piping solutions. The company was established over 40 years ago in Dubai and manufactures pipes and fittings in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. Moreover, Hepworth trades through operating companies in Oman and Bahrain and exports its products globally.

As part of Hepworth’s strategy to grow its products portfolio, the company recently launched its own brand under the name of Dacta, a locally-manufactured range of uPVC solvent cement piping system, along with two sub-brands, Dacta Therm (PPR piping system) and Dacta Silent (Polypropylene sound proof piping system) to cater to the civil and building construction sectors. The new range of Dacta products is synonymous with quality and availability and allows the company to be present throughout all segments of the building materials industry. We make sure the 100% quality of  PPR and PEX Pipes Suppliers UAE. 

Hepworth currently employs over 600 people in the Middle East, providing many years of experience and expertise in plastics processing. Hepworth is the holding company of Corys Geosynthetics, the leading supplier of world-class Geomembrane, HDPE Liners, Geotextiles, Geogrids, Geocells and GCL. Hepworth is a subsidiary of Green Coast Enterprises, a Dubai-based private family business owned by the Abdul Ghaffar Hussain family