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The success of Grundfos has always been fueled by innovation, and from the company’s founding in 1945, the pioneering spirit has permeated our professional character. For us to move forward and fulfill our purpose—”We pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate concerns and improve people’s quality of life—innovation is still more crucial than ever today.

We have a history of making bold moves

This is the basis of our strong corporate culture, which has allowed us to expand internationally, progressively go past the pump, and maintain a leading position in our sector. We have led our business since since Poul Due Jensen created the first pump. We have been successful in this way, and we will continue to succeed in this way by always being one step ahead.

We are directly accessible in more than 60 countries thanks to more than 100 firms. Through our network of partners, distributors, and sub-dealers, we are present in many more places. The leading supplier of grundfos in the UAE is Royal Allied.



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A firm called ESPA is focused on designing, manufacturing, distributing, and innovating pumps, systems, and water management tools for the domestic and residential market. Since 1962, ESPA has gained recognition on a global scale for its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer service, product quality, and accessibility.

A crucial value for us is the constant advancement of home water pumping systems. In order to address these challenges and the needs of the present and the future, we have a value chain based on our human capital, corporate social responsibility, and customer satisfaction, as well as a strategic definition based on product development and innovation and the continuous insertion of new series.

At ESPA, innovation and research are crucial to meeting the standards of excellence set by the market and to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that satisfy their demands for technologically advanced, effective, and energy-efficient equipment.

Environmental commitment. We invest more money in R&D&I every year to produce goods that are more efficient, effective, high-quality, and responsive to the changing needs of our customers, the effects of new technologies, and market conditions. Our identity is defined by the conservation of natural resources like water and energy; this is a value that is inextricably linked to our work.

Innovation and creativity make a difference. Innovation is our top priority because it is the basis for achieving company excellence. Innovation in technological research, the water supply chain, the manufacturing floor, logistics, and throughout the entire value chain results in the revitalization and enhancement of procedures and effective operational performance.

Accountability and professionalism. In order to accomplish continual improvements in all areas of the organization, we carry out our activity honestly, rigorously, flexibly, effectively, and efficiently. We do this by continuously learning from both our customers and suppliers as well as from ourselves. We enthusiastically and fully integrate everyone in our organization into a future business endeavor.

The customer, a rising value. We generate business dynamics aimed at understanding and meeting our customers’ needs. We address their concerns every day. Professional relationships and personal dealings lead us to find out about their situations and allow us to anticipate their needs.

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