Royal Allied is the well-known cosmoplast pipes & fittings supplier in UAE. Cosmoplast is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of industrial, disposable, domestic, and plumbing products. Quality, innovation, and customer happiness are prioritized at Midway Star.

Cosmoplast Pipes And Fittings Supplier


Cosmoplast provides a comprehensive solution for their clients’ funneling needs, including a wide variety of drainage pipes and fittings in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 1000 mm. Their selection of uPVC frameworks provides all the comprehensive arrangements required to complete any indigenous or contemporary plumbing framework. Both elastic ring (Push Fit) attachments and dissolvable welding attachments are used in the construction of Cosmoplast underground pipes and fittings, which meets the various demands of activity installers. All of their underground pipes and fittings are created and tested in accordance with the most recent British-European regulations, and they have all been awarded the BS Quality Kite Mark. We are the top provider of Cosmoplast pipes and fittings in the UAE.


Cosmoplast High Pressure Pipes And Fittings


The growing need for American and European standard pipes and fittings for plumbing applications that call for high working tension, unquestionable levels of durability, compound, and resistance, as well as skillful installations, is satisfied by Cosmoplast’s high pressure pipes and fittings. They primarily function in

  • Dispersion of cold water under tension.
  • Cooling Drain Systems.
  • Piping networks for pools offices and water usage.
  • Cold liquids dissemination in enterprises.
  • Transport of synthetics and destructive liquids in enterprises.

Cosmplast uPVC Ball Valves


Cosmoplast uPVC ball valves are produced in accordance with American ASTM and European EN standards, and they meet the needs of irrigation networks and water supply systems. These valves’ distinctive form and use of built-in unions make installation and maintenance simple.


Cosmoplast CPVC Pipes & Fittings


CPVC is appealing for channeling applications that call for high temperature rating, high effect obstruction, and fire resistance because to its exceptional thermal, physical, and mechanical capabilities. Our high-strain CPVC lines and fittings, which are made to several international ASTM/DIN standards, are frequently used in:

  • Hot and cold water dissemination in private, modern and public structures.
  • Transportation of boiling water in Heating Systems.
  • Funneling netwoks for sprinklers fire fitting frameworks.
  • Water and waste water treatment frameworks.
  • Cooling Drain Systems.
  • Channeling networks for swimmings pools offices and water usage.
  • Water system organizations – sprinkler channeling and manicipal projects.
  • Transport of wide scope of synthetics and destructive liquids in the business.

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